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Concert and project proposal

„I am half german, half jewish and I am living in Russia – there is no solution.“ (A. Schnittke)
„Max Reger was the last giant in music. I could not identify myself without him.“ (P. Hindemith)

Being in search for identity: who am I? who could I become? Where do I find my roots and hold in life?
With no doubt it is always rewarding searching for answers to these questions. It is rewarding for us as individuals – as well as for us in the context of a society.

The pieces from the programm down below are touching this topic. They all are refering to traditions, for example the musical form of a sonata or a suite, and the typical means of composing. The composers themselves are giving thought to these ideas of identity search – as all of us do in their own ways. And so it is up tp us as listeners and interpreters of the pieces, to feel the search for solutions, and to see the presence in a new light.


Concert proposal

All the transcriptions are by Julius Schepansky

sonata no. 33 in E-flat major KV 481
for violin and piano
Allegro molto

Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998)
Suite in the old style
for violin and piano
Pastoral (Moderato)
Ballet (Allegro)
Fugue (Allegro)
Pantomime (Andantino)


Paul Hindemith (1895-1936)
sonata in C major
for violin and piano

Max Reger (1873-1916)
Suite in the old style op. 93
for violin and piano
Präludium. Allegro commando (non troppo vivace)
Fuge. Allegro con spirito (ma non troppo vivace)

Antonin Dvořák (1841-1904)
Mazurka op. 49
for violin and piano


Repertoire overview


Violin and Orchestra

A Selection

  • J. S. Bach: violin concerto a minor, concerto for two violins d minor
  • J. Brahms: violin concerto D major
  • M. Bruch: violin concerto g minor
  • J. Haydn: violin concerto G major
  • F. Mendelssohn: violin concertos d minor, e minor
  • W. A. Mozart: violin concertos G major, D major, A major
  • S. Prokofiev: violin concertos D major, g minor
  • D. Schostakowitsch: violin concerto no. 1
  • J. Sibelius: violin concerto d minor
  • P. Tschaikowski: violin concerto D major
  • H. Wieniawski: violin concerto d minor
  • E. Chausson: Poème
  • M. Ravel: Tzigane
  • C. Saint-Saens: Danse macabre, Introduction and Rondo capriccioso
  • P. Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy
  • P. Tschaikowski: 3 pieces from Souvenir d’un lieu cher
  • H. Wieniawski: Faust Fantasy
  • E. Ysaye: Caprice d’après l’étude en forme de valse
Violin and Piano

A Selection

  • J. S. Bach: sonatas in f minor, G major
  • B. Bartok: Rhapsody no. 1, „romanian folk dances“
  • L. v. Beethoven: sonatas in A major no. 2, E-flat major no. 3, c minor no. 7, G major no. 8, A major no. 9
  • J. Brahms: sonatas in G major no. 1, A major no. 2
  • C. Debussy: sonata in d minor
  • C. Frank: sonata in A major
  • S. Gubaidulina: dancer on a tightrope
  • W. A. Mozart: sonatas in G major KV301, e minor KV304
  • A. Pärt: Fratres
  • F. Poulenc: Sonate
  • C. Saint-Saens: violin sonata no. 1 in d minor
  • F. Schubert: sonatinas no. 1 + 2 op. 137, Grand Duo in A
  • I. Strawinsky: Danse Russe, Suite Italienne
  • G. Tartini: „devil`s trill sonata“
Violin Solo

A Selection

  • J. S. Bach: sonatas and partitas
  • B. Bartok: sonata for violin solo
  • H. W. Ernst: „Erlkönig“
  • H. Lachenmann: Toccatina
  • N. Paganini: Caprices
  • A. Vincon: KTZE
  • E. Ysaye: „Ballade“ (sonata no. 3)
Chamber music works

A Selection

  • L. v. Beethoven: „ghost“ trio
  • C. Debussy: trio
  • D. Shostakovich: trios no. 1 + 2
  • S. Rachmaninov: „trio élégiaque“
  • A. Arensky: quartet no. 2
  • F. Schubert: „trout quintet“
  • S. Gubaidulina: „rejoice!“ for vn + vl
  • E. Ysaye: sonata for two violins

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